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We understand how you feel. The entire process of trying to get your credit reports back to where they should be is daunting one. You've probably looked at, and possibly even tried, doing it yourself only to find out that the cards have been stacked against you by both the creditors and the bureaus. Then you have to go about the task of trying to figure out what credit repair company you want to use to help you. There are a number of good, viable options out there, but many, many more fly-by-nighters that are only interested in your money, and not repairing your credit. Luckily, we are not only a good and viable solution, we are one of the leading credit repair agencies in the country. We have removed thousands of negative items from thousands of clients' reports and we have made the entire process as simple and affordable as possible.

But... you still have questions.

Good! We take this decision just as seriously as you do and we're happy to answer any questions you might have. Click on a question to the left and you will see our answers here. And if you have any questions that are left unanswered, please don't hesitate to call us toll free at 1(800)857-5268.

How are negative items removed?

The credit bureaus and financial institutions must comply with over 200 legal provisions when reporting information on your credit reports. They commonly fail to follow The Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. When this happens, we demand the removal of information that was illegally added to your credit reports. When the credit bureaus and creditors realize that they have been caught violating these laws, they would rather change the information on your reports than risk a lawsuit or a fine.

Is repairing my credit legal?

Surprisingly, this is the number one question we are asked. Academy Credit process is 100% legal and is completed by a professional credit repair firm. In fact, the government recognized that many consumers were being financially burdened because errors were appearing on their credit reports. As a result, the government passed the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which allows consumers to legally challenge information on their credit report on the basis of completeness and accuracy. The government has also passed an act, which authorizes a third party to assist you in challenging inaccurate credit reports. Academy Credit fully complies with this act.

Why use an Attorney?

Laws have been written to protect your credit rights; however they are often ignored unless an attorney forces credit bureaus and creditors to follow them. Consumers don't have the knowledge or position to get the companies to follow the laws closely. We can make these institutions obey the guidelines that our government has written for our protection.

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Can you really clear my credit?

Through years of experience in dealing with the credit bureaus, financial institutions and collection agencies, we have developed relationships with these groups that enable us to get things done. They have learned that we know the credit laws and can enforce those laws for our clients. The credit bureaus don't want to be fined for not following these credit laws and the banks and collection agencies can also be fined or put out of business if they are caught violating consumers' rights. Through diligent follow up, these groups have learned that we will enforce the law and their business can suffer greatly if they ignore our demands.

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Can I pay per dispute?

To save you money we only charge a fixed monthly rate of $49.95. Pay per dispute services actually cost much more than our fixed monthly rate. Services that charge per dispute will normally advertise a fee of about $10 per dispute. However, most consumers do not realize that this fee applies to each individual letter sent to each credit bureau. Because there are three credit bureaus, the actual fee the consumer would pay for each dispute is at least three times that amount, or $30. $10 x 3 credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax). Even worse is the fact that many items often take multiple disputes before they are removed. Because of the sheer size of the credit bureaus, it is not uncommon to have to dispute a single item two or three times before it is removed. At this rate, you can see how easily per-dispute services could charge you up to $100 to remove a single item from your credit report.

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Can I do this myself?

Yes, you have the right and privilege to do this yourself, just as it is your right to represent yourself in court. However, the Credit Bureaus know that the average consumer does not know the laws governing this process or comprehend the amount of time and determination it will take. The vast majority of our clients are consumers who have attempted to do this on their own and could not achieve the desired results. They find that our experienced staff is much more successful in removing negative items from their credit report.

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What can you delete?

We have had good success in removing any type of negative credit from our clients' reports. After studying each item and its reporting criteria, we follow time-tested strategies that require the reporting entity to check facts and present verifiable proof on any derogatory item entered into your file. The law requires them to do so. Most creditors do not maintain records, which substantially conform to the legal criteria required. When they fail to present the adequate back up, they must delete the item. Our staff will follow up with the reporting agencies to make sure they do not avoid these legal requirements.

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Can you remove every item?

We have had excellent success in deleting negative credit from our clients' credit reports. We use every legal remedy available under the law on your behalf. No one can honestly guarantee you that every negative item will be removed. If that were possible, consumers would never have to be concerned about maintaining good credit again.

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Will my credit report improve?

Yes. Our experience includes knowledge of many factors that lenders look at when making credit decisions. We use that experience to ensure your reports are presented in the best possible light.

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What's it take to be denied credit?

As you may have already experienced, even one late payment listing may result in credit denials. It is a myth that a large amount of positive credit can outweigh some negative credit. Any negative credit can raise red flags for the credit grantors and provide justification for denial.

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How long will negative items stay?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that most negative credit items be deleted from your credit bureau file in no more than seven years, except for bankruptcy, which can be reported for up to ten years. Inquiries may remain on the credit report for up to two years. The good news is that your creditors and/or the credit bureaus can choose to have the negative credit information deleted whenever they please.

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Does paying off bills repair credit?

Paying off your bills is a step towards better credit. However, the credit reporting system doesn't recognize it. When you pay an old debt, the negative credit listing doesn't disappear. In fact, it may reactivate the seven-year reporting clock of that negative listing.

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How long does it take?

Each case is unique. The speed of progress will depend on your participation, the nature of your case and the level of credit bureau cooperation. We do, however, work on your case for a full twelve months if required, although we anticipate results within 3-9 months.

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What are the costs?

We offer 4 levels of service. Please check our pricing page to view the associated costs with each. A three-bureau credit report is required to assess your case. If you have obtained a credit report within the last 4 weeks, you may forward it. Otherwise, you will need to order a current credit report. After you sign-up, we will give you specific instructions for obtaining your credit reports.

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Are there any additional fees?

As your advocate, we have only one goal in mind, your financial freedom. As a client you will never be surprised with any additional fees. You will never be charged extra based on the quantity of disputes or deletions. No matter how complex your case is, your monthly fee will always stay the same.

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Who will be evaluating my case?

Academy Credit prides itself in providing customers with a personal credit mentor to work on each case. Your credit mentor who will dispute the negative items that lower your score, and work through the bureaus to have such items removed from your credit reports! The result of these deletions is an improved credit score! This means personal attention and service to every detail on you credit report. Your experienced personal credit mentor is there to help assist the attorneys achieve a level of success that exceeds your expectations.

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Is my information safe?

Under the powerful attorney client privilege any information disclosed to Academy Credit will remain private. As our client you have the ability to share any necessary information without any hesitation.

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What else do you offer?

As our client, you will receive a monthly newsletter packed with valuable credit tips and information, our newsletter helps guide you to your desired financial future.

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What is your refund policy?

The law mandates that we cannot promise or guarantee results. This law was created to stop dishonest companies. However, we have created a simple process to assure you that we will get our job done. If the following are true, we will refund your monthly fees. 1. Academy cannot demonstrate any progress with your case. 2. You have forwarded to Academy on a timely basis, all of the necessary documents which enable Academy to perform work on your case. 3. You have been on our service for a minimum of 12 months. 4. You send in a new copy of your credit report for analysis after 12 months of service.

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Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. You are under no contract or obligation to stay on our service for any period of time. You may cancel the service at any time without penalties or cancellation fees.

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How do I sign up?

Enter your information in the easy to follow sign up form so we can accurately represent you case and work on your credit reports. The online form is easy to follow and offers our clients the opportunity to sign up form the comfort of their home or office.

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